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Regardless of the size of our clients manufacturing needs
– whether high, medium or low volume, or proof of concept of prototype of a great new product –
with our diverse manufacturing portfolio, Amatek is your ideal partner.
Who We Are

Amatek Pty Ltd, established in 2012 and located in the leafy suburb of Rydalmere, provides expert electronic manufacturing service to a diverse range of clients across an equally diverse range of industry and technology sectors.

Our Commitment

An ISO certified company, Amatek comes with assurances that we can meet our client’s quality requirements.

Customer Service

We encourage our clients to decide what level of involvement they wish to contribute to in the manufacture of their products. Although we provide full turnkey services to our clients, we are open to client participation where we can share the responsibilities of process that our clients wish to retain.




Project Management

  • Product Specification development advice

  • Technology and Innovation advice

  • Component sourcing

  • IP & Patent Protection advice


  • BOM creation & component sourcing

  • Inventory management

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Production of mechanical elements and housings

Compliance Testing

  • Assist with EMC, Safety and Medical compliance testing

  • Pre-compliance testing management

  • Compliance management at fully certified test houses

  • Production run yield testing

Turnkey Services

  • From concept to production

  • Integrated, end-to-end services

Software Development

with associated partners

  • Embedded software utilising custom schedulers or Linux

  • PC application software, desktop GUIs and databases

  • Mobile device applications


  • Skilled technical staff

  • Work to your design files  

  • Fast and precise prototypes

"flexibility is the key to contract manufacturing."

We encourage our clients to nominate their level of involvement in the manufacturing process. Although Amatek is a full turnkey contract manufacturer, we are open to client contribution where collectively we can share responsibilities and ensure client expectations are being met.



Durex Fundawear

A unique concept that takes the idea of long distance love to the next level.


To stay connected when they are apart all a couple needs to do is kit themselves out in Fundawear, download the special app and then connect digitally with their partner. 

Foxtel Alert Shirt

The built-in technology takes data feeds, such as real-time score and tackle data, and transmits them to a Snepo-built companion app.


Anyone who has the Alert Shirt app downloaded will receive the data instantly on their mobile, which is then translated to the shirt.


Nadi X has woven-in technology with sensors around the hips, knees, and ankles that provide gentle vibrations for easier yoga. 

Connect to the Nadi X mobile app (currently available for iOS only) and your pants will do the work. 


DVT Therapy

Vekroosan is an innovative device used to control fluid stasis as a result of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.

Vekroosan can also be used in combination with anticoagulation therapy to help reduce the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

DiscGo Charger

Discgo Charger is the first of its kind, an Australian made portable mobile phone charger.


Designed for commercial use, users can charge their phones without being plugged into a wall. Discgo keeps you charged and connected on the go.

POP! Ingestible Device

Measuring 35 by 18 mm (bigger than a multi-vitamin), viewers watched on a live stream as the tablet made its way through Chris Koch's system.


The stunt demonstrated that it’s possible to send secure personal data anywhere via the Pop! app, even to the inside of someone’s stomach.

Beebox Controller

Developed by CAT Projects and manufactured in Australia, it provides clear, real-time information on energy use and cost - helping consumers understand their energy consumption and enabling them to better manage their electricity expenses.


The DP-EMS is a self-contained microcontroller-based interface board designed for installation in retail signage terminals. The control board serves as a remote hub for various monitoring and control functions including door access control, temperature sensing, serial data interfacing, signal buffering and protection, and Ethernet connectivity. 

Chubb Fire systems

Chubb specialises in designing, installing and maintaining advanced fire detection and alarm systems for your commercial premises, warehouse environment or industrial site.


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